Board Elections

Board Elections

Board Elections

Seats open for election in 2018 are District 1, Paulding, Bartow; District 4, Carroll, Douglas; and District 8, Douglas. 

The GreyStone Power Nominating Committee has met and chosen incumbents Genevieve Cole, District 1; Neal Dettmering, District 4 and Jim Johns, District 8 as the nominees for election.

All nominees are subject to a criminal background check, must live within the geographic boundary of the district they seek to represent and must meet all other conditions of eligibility.

Members of the Nominating Committee are Tony Wilson, District 1; Beatrice McClung, District 2; James S. Smith, District 3; Pat Skinner, District 4; David Boatright, District 5; Laurie Searle, District 6; Harold Reid, District 7; Ed McCray, District 8 and Kathy Boehm, District 9.

GreyStone members who were not selected, or other members who wish to run, may choose to run by petition of members. Print out the Nomination by Petition form below, have it signed by at least 50 members of record (this MUST BE the person whose name the account is in). Drop it off at either GreyStone office by Thursday, July 5 or mail to Betsy Osborn, GreyStone Power Corporation, P.O. Box 897, Douglasville, Ga., 30133 to be received no later than Thursday, July 5 at 5 p.m. Also, petition candidates must complete and return the Candidate Affidavit below by Thursday, July 5 at 5 p.m. Names of those petitioners signing the petition will be verified to be GreyStone members of record by members of the Credentials and Election Committee. The committee will also verify that the candidate meets all qualifications. Members of the Credentials and Election Committee are Nancy Childers, District 1; Michael Little, District 2; Bob Foran, District 3; Philip Abernathy, District 4; Tracie Joyner, District 5; Lamonte Harris, District 6; Walter Richards, District 7; Andrew Pilgrim, District 8 and Kathy Cornwell, District 9. If 50 signatures or more are valid, the member seeking to run by petition will be eligible to run for the seat desired.

Those who are chosen as candidates by the Nominating Committee or are eligible to run by petition must submit information in the format and manner required by the Credentials and Elections Committee in order to have their name and biographical information included in the Annual Meeting ballot edition. Information must be submitted by clicking on the Candidate Biographical Information link below, filling out the form and submitting it online.If you are unable to determine the district in which you reside, or need additional information, call GreyStone’s independent legal counsel, Steve Minor, at 770-214-5108.

Election Forms:

Candidate Affidavit

Nomination by Petition Form

Candidate Biographical Information

If you have any questions regarding this position or the application process, please do not hesitate to contact Steve Minor, Attorney for GreyStone Power Corporation at 770-214-5108.

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