Business Services

Business Services

A variety of other commercial services and products are available for GreyStone commercial/industrial members, including:

Free Plans Review: Receive a free consultation on your new facilities plans, drawings and specifications prior to release of ordering and construction to ensure incorporation of up-to-date energy efficient equipment and facilities. Contact our Commercial Marketing Team at 770.370.2072

EMC Security for Your Business: EMC Security–a partnership of GreyStone Power, Jackson EMC and Walton EMC–takes a comprehensive approach to providing advanced integration solutions to meet the security needs of various business types. As a systems integrator, EMC Security provides business clients with smart solutions from the best equipment manufacturers in the security industry. Business solutions include video surveillance, access control, fire and life safety, intrusion detection, and advanced video technology.

Thermal Imaging: Thermal diagnostic services help you reduce costs and can identify and precisely quantify problems, preventing expensive equipment failure or electrical fires. Infrared thermography locates, quantifies and documents electrical or mechanical thermal problems caused by faulty components, poor connections, corrosion, contamination, age, vibration, load imbalances or lack of maintenance. By using this unique service, commercial members may avoid unplanned outages, delays or loss of production or service. To learn more visit Thermal Imaging or Contact our Commercial Marketing Team at 770.370.2070. Other services and products include Green Power, the bi-weekly Questline newsletter and surge protection equipment (GreyStone SurgeMaster Plus).

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