Energy Savings Tips

Energy Savings Tips

Summer cooling and winter heating, followed by water heating, are the major users of energy in your home. These few items will usually have the biggest impact on your energy bill.

Every degree below 78 in summer increases your bill 3 to 5 percent. Don’t set the thermostat any higher than 2 – 3 degrees when leaving as it take more energy to bring your temperature down on hot days than to keep it consistent. Also, When you leave for vacation, keep the temp around 82 degrees for maximum savings.

Our savings guide will show you how to make the most of the energy you consume each day. It is broken down into the following sections:

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  • Insulation and air tightness
  • Heating and cooling system
  • Space heaters/window air conditioners
  • Electric water heater operating cost
  • Pool/Hot Tub operating costs
  • Electrical costs of household items and how to save energy when using them
  • Lighting and appliance energy-saving tips
  • Saving energy while on vacation

To view the booklet, click here. This is an Adobe Acrobat PDF. Should you need a copy of Acrobat software to open the file, you can download it for free from Adobe’s web site.

(Booklet also available in Spanish, click here.)

This publication is available free of charge to all GreyStone members. To receive your copy, call 770.942.6576 or e-mail your request

Want to learn more? For more tips on how to conserve energy at home, visit GreyStone’s Energy Systems Reference Library. Visit to learn how to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

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