Solar Photovoltaic Program

Solar Photovoltaic Program

Solar Photovoltaic Program

GreyStone energy consultants offer no-cost solar/energy audits to residential or commercial members considering installing solar.

The on-site energy audit will aid you in your solar decision making process.

Energy consultants are also available to discuss the cooperative’s solar net metering buy back program. Members must follow the GreyStone Power Distributed Generation Policy.

The solar photovoltaic rebate was discontinued as of Tuesday, June 28, 2016.  Rebates are subject to change at any time.

Program information can be obtained by calling Residential Energy Services at

Program guidelines:

Program qualifying requirements include the following:

  • Application fee of $100 is required.
  • Adherence to the GreyStone Power Membership Corporation Distributed Generation Policy, which includes Appendix A (Application for Interconnection of Distributed Generation Facility), Appendix B (Distributed Generation Facility Interconnection Agreement), and Appendix C (NetMetering Service Rider NM-1).
  • Take special note that the requirements emphasize that the system will be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications as well as all applicable provisions of the National Electrical Code and meet all local permitting guidelines, certified by a licensed Electrician.

To learn about our Cooperative Solar Program – solar made easy – click here.

Solar Energy 101 Seminar Video:  

On August 26, 2014, GreyStone offered a free seminar to inform members who are considering solar energy for their homes or who have questions about solar power. Seminar attendees included experts in the solar industry, featured program presenter Russ Korte, Business Manager of Renewable Energy Products for McNaughton-McKay Electric Company.

GreyStone Residential Energy Services Manager Rudy Echols facilitated the seminar. The goal for hosting the seminar was to educate attendees on current solar trends and opportunities for homeowners and to answer commonly asked questions for members who may consider a home solar application.

The video is 1 hour and 27 minutes in its entirety and is available for viewing below.


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