This plan allows you to level out your monthly electric costs using a rolling 12-month average. It’s offered to qualified residential members who meet the requirements.

How does Levelized Billing work?

  • Your current month’s bill and the most recent 11 months bills are added up, then divided by 12 to get the monthly average. Sales tax, franchise fees, and other credits and debits are applied and the result is what you are billed
  • The calculation is done every month, so the average billing amount will vary month-to-month

Eligibility Requirements

  • Account must have a zero balance and a minimum of twelve (12) months’ history
  • Account must have no more than two late payments in the last twelve (12) months
  • The exact bill amount must be paid by the due date each month
  • Partial payments or past due payments automatically disqualify the account and normal billing will resume***
  • If taken off of the plan, you must wait 12 months before re-applying
  • Prepaid accounts are not eligible

***When an account is removed from levelized, the balance will “true up.” There may be a balance due depending on the actual account balance. If there is a credit, it will go towards your upcoming bill(s)