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Payment Arrangement

Need more time? Depending upon your account status, you may qualify for an extension of the Due Date.

Arrangements work like this:

  • Upon approval, you will be given more time to pay your bill
  • The exact amount approved for in the arrangement is due in full by the new scheduled payment due date
  • Any balance not included in the payment arrangement will be due by the original due date on your bill
  • When you honor your agreement by paying the full amount, you may request an arrangement again, if necessary ***
  • Approval of future payment arrangement requests will depend upon the status of your account at the time of your request
  • Please note that a payment arrangement is not an option for those on auto draft. In order to apply for an arrangement, auto draft must first be canceled via the member portal
  • It’s easy to find out if you qualify - log into your account and click “Payment Arrangement” from the Payments tab. You can go through the entire process online in just a minute or two
  • A 5% late charge on any past due balance will apply

***Any arrangement not paid in full by the arrangement due date will be considered broken & the account will not be eligible for another arrangement for a minimum of 60 days