We’ve worked hard to provide a wealth of information on this web site, but we know there are always some things you would like to speak about one-on-one with a representative. So at GreyStone we have trained Commercial Specialists ready to take your call, and on-site specialists are available for you as required. Your service, billing needs, and inquiries are a top priority at GreyStone Power.

Service planning for developers and contractors is available, and GreyStone provides representatives to review and develop service solutions for your application and meet your service needs. Please note that new facilities and changes to existing facilities require advance notification for construction planning and coordination.

Commercial Rate reviews are performed to ensure that your business is on the commercial rate which is most beneficial for your operating conditions. Ask about alternative rates that may be available.

For more information on all of GreyStone’s Commercial Services, call 770.942.6576 or fill out our Service and Billing Contact Form.