GreyStone’s thermal diagnostic services may help you reduce costs. By having one of GreyStone’s certified thermographers inspect your business premises, you can identify and precisely quantify potential electrical or mechanical thermal problems. This helps prevent expensive equipment failure or electrical fires, unplanned outages, delays or loss of production or service and unbudgeted cost associated with overtime, sub-contractors, shipping, and material replacement from breakdowns.

What is thermal imaging?

Infrared thermography non-invasively locates, quantifies and documents electrical or mechanical thermal problems caused by faulty components, poor connections, corrosion, contamination, age, vibration, load imbalances, or lack of maintenance.

GreyStone’s certified infrared thermographer uses FLIR Systems’ ThermaCAM PM 695 Infrared Camera and software to simultaneously capture both Infrared Thermal and digital images, analyze and record the data, and document findings in a clear and concise report showing abnormalities and seriousness of detected problems.

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