GreyStone works hard to provide you with the answers to any service-related questions you may have. While many answers to questions regarding energy may be found through our Commercial Energy Calculator, you may also find helpful energy-saving tips through our Business Energy Advisor. Visit to take the Energy Savings Home Tour. You may also complete our Energy Services Contact Form or call us at 770.942.6576 to find out more.

The following are several energy services available to our members. Other commercial services may be found here.

Commercial Energy Audits and Recommendations. Professional on-site consultations and services, including walk-through energy audits are available for commercial members. All energy consumption, loss/gain and other energy influencing factors are reviewed. Those include, but are not limited to, hours of operation, equipment, motors and processes, interior and exterior lighting, building envelope and heating and air conditioning. We also provide a free review of your plans and can provide consultation and recommendations regarding your new facilities plans, drawing and specifications prior to release to ordering and construction. This can help you save on operating expenses by ensuring incorporation of up-to-date energy efficient equipment and facilities. Recommendations for improvements can be developed for your decision makers. To find out more fill out our Energy Services Contact Form or call 770.942.6576.

Power Quality Information is available either through the on-line Energy Library or through our knowledgeable commercial energy consultant.

Surge protection equipment is available through GreyStone for a variety of applications. To find out more, visit SurgeMaster Plus or fill out our Energy Services Contact Form.

Thermal Imaging: Reduce costs and identify and precisely quantify problems, preventing expensive equipment failure or electrical fires. Infrared thermography locates, quantifies and documents electrical or mechanical thermal problems caused by faulty components, poor connections, corrosion, contamination, age, vibration, load imbalances or lack of maintenance. By using this unique service, commercial members could avoid unplanned outages, delays or loss of production or service. To learn more visit Thermal Imaging or call 770.370.2072.